Ten years ago, in my MBA admissions essay to Cornell University, I wrote of my desire to provide affordable management consultancy services to small medium enterprises. Fast forward to the present, with a Cornell MBA, a career at McKinsey & Co USA, and 3 years as the CEO of an Asian fashion premium brand, the time has come for me to deliver on my dream.

My name is Rhoda Yap, and since I’ve been back in South East Asia, I see many small medium enterprises with common business problems which can be solved with existing business practices and tools. What holds these enterprises back is one of two things: lack of access to this knowledge or anxiety with the prospect of change. Yet, change is an inevitable part of growth, but adapting to change can be painful. Individuals and organizations grow when they realize that the gain from change outweighs their fear of stepping out from their comfort zones.

Metamorphic Management is a collection of proven management practices and tools that enable companies to take the next growth step. This is the blog precursor to the website (www.metamanage.org) offering these tools and resources on a pro-bono basis.

Through this blog, I hope to engage with entrepreneurs, business owners, management professionals in an open discussion through sharing my stories and observations of real life cases; as well as commentary on management principles.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


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